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The Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal (LCPJ), which has launched the idea of breaking the chains or cutting the claws of language structures, aims at establishing an approach to a healthy qualitative performance in language and communication in order to help make the most of the limited capacities of human beings in the universe and get the most out of such capacities from each day.

The new research insights, provided through this Journal, based on surveys, case-studies, experiments and rethinking should help explore the properties of a balanced relationship between mind, language, feelings, outward appearance and actions for effective communication. The LCPJ will explore questions such as: Why are some students, teachers, actors, singers and even politicians (like the US Ex-President, Mr. Bush, or the Russian Ex-President, Mr. Putin, who were being investigated by the author of the LCPJ for their communicative performance during their presidency), met with deep frowns when they face an audience? Why do some people find it hard to recall names while speaking? Why do many newsreaders have an asymmetrical face? - This question came up to the mind of the LCPJ’s author / editor, Sander Kola, in 1990s when he noticed in a VOA calendar that about 90% of all the VOA newsreaders had asymmetrical faces, which brought out the hypothesis that there must be something wrong with Reading. Where should we anchor our mind in order to avoid saying the opposite of what is intended as in the Albanian Prime Minister’s case, Mr. Berisha, when a new foreign word spilled out of his mouth while he was fighting against them in the course of his speech: “Shqipja do të prevelojë [mbisundojë] ...” (= “Albanian will prevail ...”), in order to avoid creating Dorian Grays in front of a mirror, and in order to bring about the natural smile many people lack in front of a camera?

Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal encourages Big Thinking "using the technique of seeing 'the forest and the tree' alternatively without forgetting oneself" (SKola 2014) in order to meet theory and practice at the level of performance in the classroom and the real world. Through the contributions of academics, professionals and students, the Journal is expected to highlight theory-and-practice-based insights on linguistic and communicative performance in language teaching, language learning, language application, as well as in various literary, scientific and intercultural issue creations or analyses.

Notice: In order to see the efficiency of the aims of the Linguistic and Communicative Performance Journal in real life, just compare through recorded media the linguistic and communicative performance of many political figures like the honorable George W. Bush, Vladimir Putin, and Sali Berisha, referred to as a proof case study, numerous public speakers and news readers,  as well as the teaching and learning communities before and after the year 2004, when the fundamental insights of the coming LCPJ were first launched to the world. If the standard of a language is important, then just compare the times before and after the year 2011 through recorded media and you will clearly see that most public and media speakers in Albania had the tendency of drifting away from the standard of Albanian language intentionally or not until the article "Albanian Albanian in Europe" was first published in 'Mësuesi' magazine, run by the Ministry of Education and Science in Albania, and then in the LCPJ.

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